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    Your bank, it has tabs!


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    Your bank, it has tabs!

    Post by Sentai on Sun May 11, 2014 12:26 am

    Mod Mat K wrote:The long-awaited bank tabs are finally here. With 9 new tabs, you can now divide your bank into up to 10 categories, helping you sort your items in whatever way you like.

    To start a new tab, drag an item to the 'New tab' icon at the top. You can click on those tab headers to look at each tab in turn, and you can drag the tab headers to re-order your tabs.

    There's a new Bank Settings menu, accessed via the spanner icon. If you don't like the tab headers showing the first item in each tab, this menu lets you choose a couple of alternatives. You can even hide the tab panel altogether, provided you're not using it.

    In future we'd like to offer more options for the tab headers. Players have sent in various suggestions for icons that could be drawn there instead, representing the skills, or categories such as 'Costumes', 'Emote clues' and 'Questing'. While we haven't tried to bundle these ideas into this update, we've left space on the Bank Settings menu for this sort of future expansion if it looks popular.

    The bank tabs of Old School RuneScape work slightly differently to the system originally launched in July 2008. In particular, when you withdraw a stack of items, this used to make all your other items shuffle around to fill the gap immediately, which could be very annoying while you were trying to click on them. Old School RuneScape's new bank system has been written to avoid forcibly rearranging your items like that.

    In other news...

    Your opponent should now always appear on top during PvP.
    Self damaging items can no longer be taken into Barbarian Assault.
    POH Butlers now spawn more reliably when fetching items.
    Private messages are now recognized as chat by the report abuse feature.
    Random events that take you to another location should no longer occur in building mode, this doesn't include those that teleport you away for failing to complete the event.

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