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    Salamanders & Special Attack


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    Salamanders & Special Attack

    Post by Sentai on Mon Jun 02, 2014 2:47 pm

    Special Attack Energy Indication

    The special attack button now shows the percentage of energy you've got and indicates whether you have enough to perform the special attack with your current weapon. The energy bar will be green if you do have enough and blue if you don't and also plays a small animation as energy increases and decreases.

    The bar's size is now accurate to the nearest 5%. Previously it was only accurate to 10%. The restoration rate is not affected by this change.

    Black Salamander Area Improvements

    Hunting black salamanders has been substantially improved with there now being 6 trees for setting up traps in the area and they've been rearranged in one group near the western body of lava. We've also increased the catching experience by 5% from 304 to 319.2 and relocated the spawns nearer to the trees.

    In other news...
    ◦ Stealing from the Gem stalls in Ardougne & Keldagrim now yields 160 experience, rather than 16.
    ◦ In order to fix a pathfinding issue in the duel arena we've moved the trapdoors one square closer to the wall.
    ◦ Treasure trail caskets can no longer be opened inside the duel arena.

    Content poll #20 is now open and offers a trading system. [url=You can vote here.][/url].


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