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    IronWall's Ironman Challenge


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    IronWall's Ironman Challenge

    Post by MadeOfIron on Sun Jun 08, 2014 1:01 pm

    Hello.  I am IronWalls in-game and I am currently working on the Ironman Challenge.  Before I continue, here are my rules:

    No beneficial trading
    This means I cannot trade to obtain items, unless they are for an event and the item will give me no money or exp and I MUST either trade it back after I'm done or dispose of it, it involves the Shield of Arrav or Heroe's Quest, or I gain nothing from it (giving away an item without gain).
    No picking up items dropped by others
    If someone drops an AGS, I cannot pick it up.
    No buying items from shops that were sold by players
    This means that if someone sells an AGS to the general store, I cannot buy it.  Also, if there are 5010 mind runes in a store, that store is supposed to have 5000, and I didn't sell those extra 10 runes, I MUST hop and buy from another store.  This does not apply if the store has less than the original stock.
    No using other people's altars
    I have to either use ecto or I have to get my construction up.
    I can play minigames, but only for unique rewards
    I cannot use exp rewards or item rewards, unless they are unobtainable else wise (ex: Void set and Berserker Ring(i) are allowed, but herb boxes or exp rewards from pest control aren't).

    I made an Ironman account, because I didn't want to be held back by efficiency (meaning training in the most efficent way to maxing), and so I can try every single possible training method for all skills (such as Salarin the Twisted, or Imps).

    I hope to motivate myself and others to pursue their goals with this.

    Here are my beginning stats:

    Current Goals:
    - At least Throne of Miscellania Completed
    - Fairytale Part 1 Completed

    - 99 Hunter and 99 Ranged using all my chins
    - 38 Herblore Along with a good stack of prayer pots
    - 84 Crafting
    - Fremmy Trials Completed
    - Imp Catcher


    40 Ranged.  Now time for some fire giants
    Still too inaccurate for fire giants, so I'm back here

    First slayer task, so I could try cave crawlers

    Why you should never underestimate poison (Had no way to escape, so had to go here)
    50 Ranged.  Time for...

    ...hunter *sigh*

    A boy has never loved his lizards more,

    but his mommy made him do some work before he got to play with them.

    Getting closer


    I'm back and better! (Skilling set I used on my main)
    First 100k

    Now I can alch  Very Happy 
    First clue ever.  Forgot to take pic, but it was 93 mind runes Sad.

    Second clue, then quit after not getting another one.

    Umm Jagex, I think your game is broken.

    Dem Agility gainz.
    Out of the wildy and into seers

    Gains for today
    Began training herblore.  Did this quest to get some base levels.

    Someday, I shall catch it, and it shall bring "GLORY"ous loot (No pun intended(lol)).
    Most of what I've gotten from 53-63 Hunt (300 of the kebbit bolts are being wielded.)

    Gains from 63-66 hunt.

    All while I resist the urge to go back to the hardcore life (and if you don't know what happens when I go hardcore, it involves a lot of dropped leaping fish and the spawning of a hundred thousand plus nature runes, all while I sit in my corner with my inferior sara sword.).
    73 Hunter
    80 Hunter
    83 Hunter, which I clicked too fast through >.<

    I won't be updating as frequently, until I'm done with 99 Hunter, as I need to keep motivated, and anyone who's done a 99 knows how hard that is.
    After going through a bunch of stuff, which involved a lot of robots, a giant cockroach, and having a caterpillar thing beat a white little creature to enter myself in the hall of fame, along with raising a one eyeball thing, a whale, and a cat, I finally got this.

    Honestly, doesn't seem that gratifying after being gone for one week due to an Animatronics competition, playing a PSX game while I wasn't busy, and then recollecting myself the following week, due to the various life decisions I had to think about and make (Oh yeah, and another 3 day vacation after the first trip to DC).
    Woke up at 5 AM, caught 3 ninja implings and got this.  Wat.

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    "Never look back.  The more you do, the more you regret it." - Someone
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    Re: IronWall's Ironman Challenge

    Post by Sentai on Sun Jun 08, 2014 1:31 pm

    Best of luck, IronWalls!

    "I hope you're proud of yourself for the times you've said 'yes,' when all it meant was extra work for you and was seemingly helpful only to somebody else."
    ~Fred Rogers

    i got rocks

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    Re: IronWall's Ironman Challenge

    Post by i got rocks on Sun Jun 08, 2014 6:08 pm

    good luck mate



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    Re: IronWall's Ironman Challenge

    Post by Haruka on Sun Jun 08, 2014 8:30 pm

    Good luck friend Like a Star @ heaven

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    Re: IronWall's Ironman Challenge

    Post by MadeOfIron on Mon Jun 09, 2014 3:56 pm

    Thanks for the support guys. I will try my best to update this thread.

    "Never look back.  The more you do, the more you regret it." - Someone
    "Dem gainz." - Dat noob hiding under your bed


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    Re: IronWall's Ironman Challenge

    Post by Haruka on Tue Jun 10, 2014 5:31 am

    You already have higher crafting than I do! I like the progress you've made so far.

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    Re: IronWall's Ironman Challenge

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