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    Regarding expression of opinions.



    Regarding expression of opinions.

    Post by Guest on Fri Jul 25, 2014 4:34 am

    regarding a recent incident in clan chat, when expressing your opinions on a subject please consider the following..:

    Could what I'm about to say be offensive?
      make sure you are not definitively telling someone they are wrong, or invalidating their own beliefs, it's okay to express your opinion but ensure no one else is going to be hurt

    Is my language appropriate?
      this is a key one, even though sometimes you may feel someone's opinion is SO wrong you feel a need to insult them, or their belief, please do not as it will likely change the discussion into an argument.

    Are the things I've said accurate?
      If you are quoting information gathered somewhere else, it always helps to say that "a study has shown..." or "I've read that..", especially if you are going against someone who has life experience with the topic at hand, and be sure to state it as accurately as able.

    Is my opinion mature?
      If your opinion is based on real life experience or researched knowledge, then proceeding to debate an opinion can be beneficial, however if your opinion is based solely on "I've not heard of this, therefore it must be wrong" or similar trains of thought, then expect to be called ignorant and consider listening to both sides of a discussion before adding your own 2 cents.

    Is my comment necessary?
      If you are submitting a comment on a discussion already in progress please don't repeat subjects which have already been discussed, unless you have something valid to add. Also, if the discussion is starting to become heated, it may be best just to stay out of it altogether, to avoid any conflict.

    Further Comments::

    What if someone else is getting aggressive towards my opinion?
      It is never okay to retaliate to someone's aggressive behaviour. if an admin or moderator is available and has not spotted the agression, report it to them straight away, if no admin or moderator is available, please just drop the topic and add the person to ignore until things have cooled down, if it doesn't, inform an admin/moderator when they are next available.

    What if a member of staff is involved?
     When a member of staff is involved in a discussion it is very difficult for them to gain enough of a non-bias opinion to end the discussion or to give punishments correctly. If you feel that a member of staff is out of line, and there are no other staff members to report it to, please just send them a polite private message saying "this comment #{comment} was a little offensive".

    I've been kicked for continuing a topic after it was stopped, what do I do?
     In cases like this a kick is usually just that, a moderator or admin has felt you need time out, and is giving you the opportunity to calm down. I know you may feel like messaging back, but consistent arguing with a moderator or admin is what will turn a 1 hour kick, to a permanent ban.

    The discussion in clan chat between two other members is getting too much, what can I do?
     whilst we appreciate part of having a great experience in social clans is to be able to freely talk about things, runescape is, above all, a game.. If you feel a discussion is going too far, or is continuing on beyond what it should.. Tell an admin/moderator and they can try to get the discussion taken to PM, similarly if you are involved in a discussion with someone, no matter how in depth and stimulating it may be... if your chat is flooding the clan chat when others are trying to talk about the game, please consider moving to private chat.

    In conclusion the basic rule is.. No one has a wrong opinion, so be respectful of everyone's opinion, and if your chat is flooding the chat or becoming aggressive, take it to PM or drop it.

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    Re: Regarding expression of opinions.

    Post by Thy42 on Fri Jul 25, 2014 7:26 am

    Thanks for this. Just treat each other with respect people, there's no reason anyone has to fight!

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    Re: Regarding expression of opinions.

    Post by Rock on Fri Jul 25, 2014 11:45 am

    This. So much this.


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    Re: Regarding expression of opinions.

    Post by João on Fri Jul 25, 2014 10:45 pm


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    Re: Regarding expression of opinions.

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