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    Clan WARS!



    Clan WARS!

    Post by Guest on Fri Jul 25, 2014 7:37 am


    I have had the extreme pleasure of talking with Nic and Badness from the Starlight Social clan, and we've decided to throw a nice bit of competition to each other in the form of a clan war! *please note this is a friendly war and just for some entertainment and competition*

    We will be fighting under the following rules

    • Our choice of map!
    • Food: Allowed
    • Potions:Allowed
    • Prayer: Allowed
    • Mellee: Allowed
    • Range: Allowed
    • Mage : Allowed
    • First clan to 50 kills WINS!

    EDIT: *it is confirmed you may stream at will, so if and of you are streamers feel free to stream the fight!*

    During the clan war you must all be on your best behaviour, Yes, you can grab your best gear, Yes, you can use whatever means neccessary to send Starlight back to the Stars! But always remember we are Dusk and follow our rules! These include no flaming (in public or private chat to members) and no abusive language.

    We have both agreed to the preceding term (no flaming) and any abusive messages are to be reported directly to myself and will be reported to their leader. The same will go for any of you sending messages to them, they will be reported back to me and will be dealt with after the event.

    So lets have some fun!

    Can we Send Starlight back to the stars? or will they break the Dusk?!

    Sunday, August 3rd.
    9PM EST (1AM GMT [monday August 4th])

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    Re: Clan WARS!

    Post by Rock on Fri Jul 25, 2014 11:48 am

    Sounds good, I'll max all combat before then to be ready.


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