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    Clan Screenshot Competition



    Clan Screenshot Competition

    Post by Guest on Fri Aug 01, 2014 11:03 pm

    Why do we need you?

    Well, as you know, we recently added a new banner to the top of our website. Well.. We want to improve it, and need YOUR help to do so!

    Over the next month we would like you send us some screenshots of our clan events, solo trips you do, ANYTHING that looks AWESOME. There are a few rules to follow which will be stated below, but first let me explain the prize system, because unlike our previous events, there are no limit to the number of rewards we could give out...

    What's in it for you?

    If we use an image you have submitted in the banner: 100 k
    The second top-voted image: 250 k & a purple partyhat
    The highest voted image: 500 k & a yellow partyhat

    The best thing is there are no limits to the number of prizes one individual can have... if you upload 10 images that we use on our banner, you walk away with a smooth mill, and if you upload 100 images, in the unlikely event we use them all (as that might take up too much room on our banner) you could potentially walk away with a green cash stack.

    The Rules

    • As we plan to use the images on the banner you MUST own the rights to the image. This means you must have taken it.
    • Please submit unedited, full client screenshots only (if using a webpage client refers to the entire RuneScape game, including chat-box, inventory and mini-map).. If you have an idea of how we could edit it to make it look awesome, please do include a copy of that too, but the unedited full-client screenshot must be submitted too.
    • Split chat MUST be off unless it does not obstruct the main part of the image.
    • Screenshot MUST have your current name in chat-box.
    • Screenshot MUST NOT break any of the Dusk Clan Rules or our Media Upload rules.

    Should you have any further questions post a comment on this thread, or PM me in game or on site and I will get back to you ASAP! Images are rated on how cool they look. Please do not feel put out because you can't wear a certain outfit or you are a low level.

    Closing date will be: August 30th 2014.

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