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    Dark Forge's Intro



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    Dark Forge's Intro

    Post by worm425 on Sat May 03, 2014 2:21 am

    So, I guess it's the new trend and should probably throw one out there.

    The name is Collin and I have played runescape ever sense I was a small child, always getting caught up in life and other things I have never successfully gotten any 99's but have put tons of hard work and dedication trying to get high level skills. The ADHD truly kills me when trying for those 99's Wink. A little bit about myself; I love going to the gym and playing Soccor on my free time. I am currently in 2 different REC leagues and I have the goalie thing down. I currently have two jobs, and one of which is a support agent for a GSP (FPSPlayers). I have been hosting different game servers for on and off for 5 years and currently have 2 minecraft servers and a Rust server that are managed by hired managers. I am currently in college for Software Development with a double major in Web Design.

    I am currently living in Wisconsin but have plans to move to South Carolina and go to Coastal Carolina University for my masters. I have a few friends in the SC area and have always wanted to get away from the freezing weather. (Currently 34 Degrees F and it's May...)

    Thanks for reading,


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